Weddings, Birthdays & Events

To enquire about a custom cake or catering for your event please email or fill out the form below and i'll get back you to you within the next few days.

Each piece I make is unique and curated to taste, made with seasonal flavours.

Minimum 2 week notice.

Each one of my cakes is 100% vegan. I prepare all components from scratch the day before the scheduled pick-up, ensuring optimum freshness. I assemble and decorate my cakes the morning of the scheduled date. My cakes are refrigerated adequately to withstand transportation for up to 45 minutes. For travel times longer than 45 minutes, especially during the summer heat, I can provide ice packs before pick-up. My cakes must be kept refrigerated. Take out 15 minutes sitting at room temperature before cutting and serving.

In the event of a cancellation, I can refund you the full payment 7 days prior to the scheduled date.

Cancellations or changes cannot be accommodated within 72 hours of the scheduled cake pick-up date.