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My mother's pan of homemade baklava baked with filo pastry, raw organic cashews and rose water orange blossom sugar syrup.

Embellished with Australian crushed pistachios.

Light, flaky and nutty pieces with hints of rose and orange blossom. I feel like I'm back in my mother's kitchen as she baked her delectable traditional Lebanese sweets. I would always sneak in a taste want to be the official taste tester. I love the smell of rosewater as the sugar syrup reaches its final boil and the aroma throughout the bake.

Each pan is made from our home bakery and hand cut. Every batch is unique to the bake and may not look identical to the next or the photos.

Our baklava is 100% vegan. we have gluten free varieties. Please tick your choice of flavours and make a note of any other allergies. For a mixed box with exact flavour choices, please leave it in the notes. If you have more questions regarding allergies please email me 

We cut our pans into 48 pieces. There is an option to cut the pan into 35 pieces.

Our baklava pieces keeps for up to 2 weeks in room temperature or refrigerated.


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